Flight Itinerary Assignment9

For this week, we were asked to re-design a flight itinerary. I decided to make a mobile app design that emphasized information the user would actually need, like the time, date, location, etc. of departure and arrival, with helpful information like airport maps and barcode, as well as flight number, in case the app doesn’t update and the user has to manually check for flight statuses.

Leaderboard Assignment7


This week we had to design a leaderboard, so I designed one for a company’s Employee of the Month competition. A mobile interface, this scoreboard is organized from top to bottom, based on score (highest to lowest),using color to indicate higher scores (more green) and worse scores (more red), with crowns (gold, bronze, and silver) for the best 3 employees for the month, and more data becoming available upon clicking the bubble.

Itinerary Assignment6


This week’s challenge was to reinvent the itinerary; this mobile itinerary shows, in an organized display, the event title, date, time, location, and subevent name, with a link to speakers. Utilizing the mobile capability of scrolling, if scrolled down the page will show other events organized by time, and scrolling right will show the second day in the event.

Countdown Assignment4


For this week, we had to design a countdown timer; to me, the most convenient countdown timer is one you don’t even need to open an app for! This timer is connected to your UNC account, so you can check any calendar items you’ve made through your messaging app, and ask direct questions for an immediate, accurate answer from a messaging bot, which is even capable of sending emojis and graphics for celebrations.

App Assignment3


This week’s instructions were to design a phone app icon, and think about what should bring to mind to be recognizable. As a college student who uses technology for everything, I especially appreciate note-taking apps, especially ones that allow you to check off items; this app, Bask It ©, visually brings to mind grocery shopping (one of my greatest uses for note apps) with the familiar red hand basket and lines in the background to visually reference the traditional pen and paper method of writing a grocery list.


Music Player Assignment2

This week’s assignment was to create a “better music player interface.”

In my music player concept, I tried to fit in as many useful actions as possible in visual locations, while still keeping lines clean and the overall organization very simple. I used parentheses to describe what the symbols meant, but in the finalized concept you wouldn’t need them.